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Is inflation impacting your business?
We help clients reduce the amount they pay for external expenditures.

Our Unique Proven Process Works anywhere in the World,
in any Industry and for any Goods or Services

Maximize Profits! Minimize Layoffs!

We can help - guaranteed!

Finance Monthly - October 2020 Edition

10 Golden Rules for Success When Negotiating with Suppliers.

Finance Monthly

Have you ever been caught in the middle between your customers pushing for lower prices and your suppliers trying to increase their prices?

We can help...Guaranteed!



Turn to Parry, Murphy and Associates for cost reduction services that save your  organization money without sacrificing quality.

  • We help our clients to get the best prices from their existing or new suppliers. 
  • Our unique, proven processes work anywhere in the world, for any industry and for any goods or services.
  • With us on your team, you'll obtain lower pricing without impacting quality or service while improving your working relationships with your suppliers.
  • Our services often result in better warranties, payments, and credit terms, as well as lower shipping costs and friendlier restocking and return policies.
  • We have achieved success with 100% of our clients and have never achieved a success rate lower than 80% with their suppliers - in many cases, it is 100%.
  • Count on us to help you make the most of your business' procurement resources.

Is Your Organization Considering Layoffs?

You will be doing yourself, your organization and your loyal employees a great disservice if you implement layoffs without first talking with us. 

Tell us how much you need to reduce your costs by, and we will develop and help you achieve a plan, using our unique and proven process, for you to achieve your goals and thereby avoiding any unnecessary layoffs.

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