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About Us

Working with Parry, Murphy and Associates is a great way to improve your bottom line

  • Count on us to offer and implement unique, workable cost reduction strategies that will preserve and often improve your relationships with you're existing vendors. 
  • We will help to significantly improve your organization's bottom line.
  • Our unique process enables us to work with organizations around the world.
  • Our founder, Michael Parry, has worked on three continents and has had exposure to many cultural diversities by having visited over 80 countries. 
  • For an interview with Michael Parry, read here.


What Makes Us Unique?

Experience - Knowledge & techniques that work in any industry.
Tools - Extensive tools & databases to benchmark client's current supplier pricing.
Expertise - Proven price reduction results.
Strategies - Proven methods that are customized for each client situation.
Speed - Price reductions typically obtained within 14 days after implementation of strategies, with some as quickly as same day.
Success - Price reductions for 100% of Clients and never less than 80% of mutually selected vendors - We guarantee our results.
Global Capability - Process allows for servicing clients worldwide.
Cost-Competitive - Success fees are based on a percentage of the actual savings.

Developed over many years through hands on experience, our philosophy will give you an idea about our attitude and our determination to be successful for your organization.  We guarantee results.


Why Use Us as an External Resource?

• Savings are significantly increased.
• Speed in the reduction of costs is greatly accelerated.
• Client's organization is energized & trained.
• Disruption to the day-to-day operation is drastically minimized.

Pricing pressures from customers and suppliers? We can help!

"Our reputation is our biggest asset"