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Post Sourcing Reviews

We can conduct Post Sourcing Reviews to check if your suppliers

  • are charging what was agreed to

  • pricing is in line with current market conditions. Where it is not, our process enables this to be revisited and renegotiated, regardless of the unexpired time left on any contract.

  • are giving your competitors a better price. 

In today's computer age, automation is great, but some errors are more likely to slip through the cracks. Even the last line of defence, the signing of checks, is mostly done by an automatic check signing machine.  You will be shocked to learn how much your organization is paying for items that would not get through if every expenditure was carefully scrutinized. 

Just as in your organization, nearly every business is trying to sell its goods and services at the price they want.....and not at the price that they will accept.  Wouldn't it be nice if you knew that none of your suppliers were charging any of their customers a price lower than what they are selling to your organization.

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