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Do you know that the Temporary Labor Industry, in most countries, has a flaw in their pricing model to determine their mark-up rates?

At Parry, Murphy and Associates, we've made it our job to find every way we can to reduce your costs. In the case of temporary labor, we've found that almost all temporary labor service providers have a flaw in their pricing structure that means that you end up paying much more in labor costs than you should. This flaw exists in most developed and some developing countries. Most users pay between 10%-20% more than they should, while some pay as high as 33% more. If you're using temporary labor agencies, it's important that you find out if your firm is paying for this common pricing flaw.

Are You Paying for this Pricing Flaw?

Contact us if you would like to learn more about a free assessment that we can do for you to determine if the common pricing flaw exists in the pricing that you are paying. 

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