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Lost Funds

Tracking down and recovering money / assets owed to your organization

that you are not aware of.

Currently it is estimated that there is approximately US$50 billion in lost funds in the USA. It is estimated that 95% of the Fortune 500 companies have lost funds.

Parry, Murphy and Associates (PMA) helps its clients to identify and recover any of their identifiable unclaimed funds. We offer three options, namely:

  1. PMA identifies and does most of the work to recover the funds - our fee is 25% of any funds received.
  2. PMA identifies and notifies the client of the funds and the client then does the work of recovery - our fee is 10% of any funds received and
  3. For either of the above two choices, clients can subscribe to our ongoing services for an annual subscription fee. PMA will then, on a regular basis, search for amounts that have been lost by our client and our fees in 1 and 2 above will be discounted by 20%.   
  • Annual Subscription tiers:
    • Bronze.   $   250 - Including the initial search, searches are conducted once a year.
    • Silver.      $   450 - Including the initial search, searches are conducted twice a year.
    • Gold.       $   750 - Including the initial search, searches are conducted quarterly.
    • Platinum. $1,000  - Searches are conducted monthly.
    • For each of the above subscriptions, should the recovery of funds, in a 12 month period, not exceed 12 times the subscription fee, then the subsciption amount will be refunded.  
    • The advantage of being a subscriber is that lost funds will be searched for on a regular basis and there is a substantial 20% fee discount. 

If you would like for Parry, Murphy and Associates to do a free, no obligation, initial assessment to see if your organization has any potential lost funds, please contact us:



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