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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our team at Parry, Murphy and Associates is one of the characteristics that sets us apart. When it comes to your cost reduction needs, we're dedicated to getting you the best pricing. Our unique process allows us to work 24/7 to ensure you get the lowest costs every time. 

Some of our key beliefs

• Identify & keep the people who will make a difference to your organization.
• The most important ingredient needed to be successful in business is people—The right people make anything possible.
• Subordinates in an organization should be given enough freedom to use their initiative & enough control to ensure that their freedom does not go unchecked.
• Management must always be prepared to accept full responsibility for its actions or lack of action. Management must realize that mistakes are going to be  made. The answer is to learn from those mistakes & to minimize the impact.  The only people who do not make mistakes are those who do nothing and that is a mistake in itself.
• Some of the best opportunities come out of areas most others see as problems.
• For every problem there is a solution or a multitude of solutions—the challenge is to find the best solution.
• There is always a way of doing something better - however it may not always be cost effective.
• The fear of failure must not be the reason for not trying something new.
• Organizations should think short-, medium-, & long-term - while the long term is the most important, one should be continually on guard against the shifting "j curve".
• Organizations operate in a dynamic environment - any business that is not prepared to change will eventually die.
• Constructive criticism should be encouraged throughout an organization - destructive criticism should not be tolerated.
• The downfall of a magician is the belief in their own magic.
• If one asks the question "why?" long enough, the real reason for a problem will be identified - only when the real reason is known, can the problem be solved.

Hope is not a Strategy

"Our reputation is our biggest asset"