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“I would absolutely recommend Mike for cost reduction efforts. His success is ridiculous at times, but he always improves our position when I engage him. I have zero doubt in his ability to reduce costs. I have never met anyone as tenacious and resourceful as Mike.”

Fortune 500 Company

"I appreciate all of the extra things you do to get good results for our guys in the field. It's Impressive"

In House Corporate Legal Counsel for a large public company client

"Dear Mike,

I'm offering a recommendation on the impact of your work on our company. It has been a few years since we contracted with Parry, Murphy and Associates, but our opinion of you and your process is still extremely high. I think you did a great job and our company benefitted from your work.

You definitely saved us money. Plus, gave us an understanding of where and how we could save more money and directly impact our bottom line.

We always appreciated your attention to the details. It created a very strong confidence in your company."

CEO, Williams Distributing Co.

"Having hired Parry, Murphy and Associates at a previous employer, I was well aware of the capabilities Mike Parry has in vendor negotiations. In 2018, I sought Mike's help with a variety of suppliers in several of our operating companies, seeking to reduce franchisee costs within our franchise networks, as well as corporate costs. Mike proved adept not only in negotiating significant savings, but also structuring those savings to benefit franchisee and franchisor. Notably, these gains were realized without changing suppliers. Those on our team who worked directly with Mike came away from the engagement with a new appreciation of what's possible."

Self Esteem Brands, parent of Anytime Fitness and Waxing the City

"You can have Mike work on ANY spend. He does not have limitation on what the spend category is or where it is. He has saved us money on anything he has touched."

Universal Forest Products

"We were very pleased with the savings"

Metro Health Hospital

"We've made a tremendous turnaround and had a record profit Q1. We thank you for getting us the savings"

CEO / Owner of a large national bakery

"I am shocked at the savings here since I had this company and a competitor quote against each other last year. They must really quote similar so neither drives the others margin down. They were almost identical to each other.  The savings PMA helped us obtain from our existing supplier of many years is well over 30%"  

Universal Forest Products

"I hired Parry, Murphy and Associates to aid us in negotiating cost reductions with certain vendors. Many of those vendors had been approached previously or had already granted concessions, so my expectations were relatively low.

Michael Parry met with our representatives to understand the unique attributes of each vendor relationship. He worked closely with our team to devise negotiating strategies that were sensitive to our concerns and preserved good relationships with our suppliers.

Our results were well beyond expectations and generated material cost savings. In fact, we realized favorable outcomes on over 80% of the vendors that he addressed.

I recommend Michael's services - the results exceeded our internal efforts and speak for themselves. I encourage any prospective client to call me for a deeper discussion of these services and our results."

Family Christian Stores

"We engaged Mike Parry to assist us in additional cost reduction and expense control efforts. We hired Mike after we had spent two solid years of our own very careful and deliberate cost containment planning. Frankly, we believed we had tightened things down well. 

Because of the broad experience base and the deliberate process Mike brings to an organization, we were able to identify very material opportunities for cost containment beyond our own plans. Mike's skill and process yielded very good results for us. 

Mike, stated simply, gets results. He delivered a positive impact on our bottom line quickly.

An additional benefit of working with Mike is that he teaches the process and negotiating skills to the staff he works with, which aids in their development and skill building."

"....two clients of mine ...... would not be operating and making the money they are without him."

Earl E. McHugh, Chartered Financial Consultant

"....gets the job done with a high level of integrity and in a cost efficient manner."

Bob Scharff, Retired Partner, KPMG

"We have been working to improve our overall vendor costs for some time now. While our efforts have been good, there still remained much more for us to do, especially in our indirect spend.

The questions we asked ourselves were:
a) how do we accelerate our efforts, and launch an intense, tightly focused vendor cost reduction initiative across the entire Company, while still maintaining good vendor relationships and
b) do we have the resources in house with the skills and experience needed to lead and maximize a concentrated effort such as this; and even if we do have the resources would we want them focused on vendor negotiations instead of driving our business forward in sales and operations.

We decided to look outside the Company for this specialized expertise. Parry, Murphy & Associates (PMA) provided us with the answers to both our questions. Mike Parry, brought us exactly the kind of energy, leadership, skills and experience that we needed, and as a result, allowed us to not only accomplish significant vendor price reductions in a timely fashion, but also allowed our people to learn new skills with which to perpetuate these efforts throughout the Company for years to come. 

We are very satisfied with PMA's efforts, and would highly recommend them to anyone who is facing similar challenges in their organization."

Universal Forest Products

Michigan Department of Commerce Appointment

Selected in December 1989, in conjunction with KPMG Peat Marwick, as a state wide consultant for "The Growth Margin" program. This program was designed to provide subsidized consulting services to companies throughout Michigan.

"....enthusiastic addition to any company wanting outside and objective management expertise"

Ian Pesses, former Partner - Maddin Hauser, Wartell, Roth, Heller & Pesses P.C.

"During Mr. Parry's employment with Durr in the USA, he played a major role in returning the company to profitability as well as eliminating the outstanding debt.

During Mr. Parry's tenure, he displayed strengths in problem solving, leadership and the development of the organization. His commitment to the company was exemplary and he had a significant impact on the bottom line."

Robert J. Mulholland, CEO, Durr Inc.

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